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What is Wacky Wednesday Cookie Day??

**********Choose your favorite cookie*************

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Not all cookie flavors are available for Wacky Wednesday Cookie day.

All 3 dozen cookies have to be the same flavor......but you can create different flavors from one cookie..........

Here's an example:
    Chocolate chip cookies........
~~add vanilla chips or milk chocolate chips to the semi sweet chips. 
~~nuts can be added to the cookies ($1.00 extra charge for the nuts)
~~dough can become chocolate and then add the chocolate chips to

Here's another example:
Peanut butter cookies:
~~add chocolate chips
~~add peanut butter chips
~~add nuts ($1.00 extra charge)

Oatmeal Cookies:
~add Raisins
~add Craisins
~add Chocolate Chips
~add Nuts ($1.00 extra charge)